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FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS has an official forum thread now with new videos, photos and information.


Also, February Fight Month's section on the Old Events Page has been updated with recently uploaded Street Fighter 2: SCE footage.

DaBargainBin's Youtube channel also received some Mortal Kombat Trilogy PSX casuals as part of FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS' promotions!


The April 2019 Rendition of Retro Royale now has tournament footage available on YouTube! Mario Bros. Arcade (NES) and Crash Team Racing!

The official release thread for these tournament videos is now out.

If you haven't seen them yet, be sure to check out our other new forum threads. The Story of the NEMCC Syphon Filter League, and a Retrospective of Parappa's greatest Freestylers!


DaBargainBin's YouTube channel received two new tournament videos today. The release thread can be read here.

Friday Night Fights has temporarily been suspended due to COVID-19, and more information about the events' future will be coming soon.