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StF Spin-Off kicked off the new year for DBB's players, and was the first tournament in what has seemed to be a resurgence for Sonic the Fighters. Interestingly, the TO for the event missed the event, but thankfully other members of the Discord had access to manipulating the bracket so it could commence. Despite the hiccups encountered, the tournament was still able to be completed with a great time being had by all involved.



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South Island Smackdown - SOnic the Fighters (January 23, 2021)

South Island Smackdown was the first tournament arranged and hosted by Polymath, who continues to spread the word of competitive StF. This event would also be TruKuu's first tournament loss in the polygonal circle. The loss was delivered in a neat, colorful bow by the excellent player "KingBundy"... respect!



Thunderia Online Tournaments is an online community ran by Torao, a well-known and respected TO. Each week a handful of new events will be unveiled for folks to participate in, which helps these poverty games quite a bit! This competition was played on Parsec using a cloud server based in the UK. A small, but dedicated few arrived to "Bash with Crash" in 1v1 wars of which the AI just happened to get caught in the crossfire of.


Thunderia would later host an MK2 tournament, and despite half the people that signed up not showing, there was still some rock-solid competition. Arcade OG Summ0ning and the Hungarian Monster GeorgeYSmith would duke it out in the Grand Finals. Kombat Network's stream provided additional coverage of the event. Mortal Kombat Kontinues!


Thunderia's Mortal Kombat 1 tournament came to be when TruKuu won their Discord's "Randomizer" event. Turnout improved this time, and fighters from around the globe battled for the title of Mortal Kombat Champion!


Game Terminal, a ginormous arcade in Nashville, Tennessee, hosted an amazing event for Mortal Kombat fans featuring many of the game's original cast. That Army Guy Gaming held a MK2 tournament using 4 arcade cabinets, in a double elimination format. TruKuu and the G-Zone were on the hunt for great games, players and a good ole' time. Fortunately, all of the above was discovered!


cincinatti kombat klassic - october 1-3, 2021

UMK3+ developer and Classic MK community leader Tehdrewsus hosted the 5th rendition of his awesome Classic MK event. CKK came strong out of the delays caused by COVID-19, and there's some top-notch, nail-biting gameplay for every tournament. It was an honor to be present and compete, and there's nowhere else where you'll see more passion for the game!


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DBB and Bad Eddy's paired up again after a long hiatus with an event focused around the great competitive genre of Fighting Games. No tournaments were ever planned for the first meeting, but the initial plan was to proceed with hosting competitions based on the demands of the attendees. Unfortunately, the effort to continue Friday Night Fights would be set to the wayside as COVID-19 changed the way everybody would live their lives.

For those unfamiliar, the Retro World Series has hosted various Retrogaming competitions for years. Typically these events are held at large venues, and their tournaments are played on original hardware. Much like DaBargainBin's their plans would have to change, and an excellent attempt was made with by RWS with a series of seasonal leagues. These tournaments were played using emulators with netplay capabilities. TruKuu entered the Crash Team Racing competition for the Summer League. (Links to RWS' website and socials are in the description of the tourney)

CKKOnline returned with the original Mortal Kombat, and some great players came out to show support. It was a tournament arranged for fun. There was no cash award, but players still battled for the prize of honor!

The annual Cincinnati Kombat Klassic event would have to move online, and was instead converted into a series of small tournaments. This particular even was an attempt to raise money for Arcade Legacy, the excellent venue where CKK has been held traditionally. Thankfully the fundraiser was quite successful, with various players arriving to play or give their regards/donations.

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Corner Store Legends was an event hosted for "America's Favorite Street Fighter" by riz0ne and eggsnbaconnn which managed to gather an impressive 61 players. There continues to be a high-level scene and community developing for this game over 30 years later, and many of US, Mexico and Canadas' finest are featured here.