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Those that participate in DaBargainBin's events must abide by certain universal rules.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in penalty or disqualification at the Tournament Operator's discretion.

DaBargainBin Reserves the right to change regulations at any time, with or without notification.

For DaBargainBin's Game-Specific Rules, click here.

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 Those that participate in DaBargainBin's events agree to compete with competitive integrity. Players should be respectful of one another and avoid obscene behavior. Acts not allowed at our events include:  

  • Hate Speech or Discriminatory Behavior based on Sex, Ethnicity, Race, or Religion

  • Destruction and damaging of setup equipment (monitors, consoles, controllers, games, etc.)

  • Aggressive physical contact or threats towards participants/operators

  • Abuse of drugs or alcohol

  • Excessive Profanity or references to controversial topics

  • Any other type of behavior considered inappropriate at the discretion of DaBargainBin and its operators

By joining one of DaBargainBin's events you are agreeing to play with the ruleset determined by DaBargainBin's staff on DaBargainBin's provided setups.

  • Rules for each game can be found here

  • Participants should not change game or monitor settings unless allowed to

  • Participants should not power off consoles, monitors or other equipment related to the event unless permitted

  • Participants can utilize their own controllers or adapters if approved by a member of DaBargainBin's staff

DaBargainBin reserves the right to record, edit, broadcast, adapt, post and share media of their events/participants.

This includes social media, video sharing on various platforms and other forms of public distribution of the players image, likeness, and performances. This will be done with no additional compensation to the participants.


Player behavior/Integrity


Game Settings/Equipment


Media/Recording rights

These rules and regulations stand to protect all involved with DBB's events. If there are any questions contact us

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