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Game Mode:

  • VS. Mode, 4-Players.

  • Scenario: Normal for Preliminary Rounds, License to Kill for Winner's and Grand Finals.



  • Oddjob is banned


  • Complex, Library, Temple, Stack, and Basement are legal for play.

  • Stage order will be decided randomly through a drawing.


  • Sets will be FT1 match win.

  • Top two scoring players proceed to the next round, but in the Finals only 1st place counts! 

  • Rounds will be played to 5 minutes in preliminary rounds, 10 minutes in Winner's/Grand finals.

  • Preliminary Rounds will allow all weapons except Throwing Knives, Golden Gun and Slappers.

  • Weapons will be decided randomly in Preliminary Rounds.

  • Winner's Finals and Grand Finals will be Pistols Only.

  • Auto Aim will be disabled, and Radars will be enabled.





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