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When you click one of the letters above, a page will be loaded that displays rules for the games that begin with the chosen letter. Rulesets are made assuming the event's circumstances are ideal, so there may be deviations for specific events. It's important to check each events' information for certainty.

There are rules not mentioned in specific games due to being shared almost universally.

  • Players can set their controls before a set begins and perform a button check, but once the set has begun they must keep their control scheme.

  • Most games will have Double Elimination tournaments, but if the entries are low enough the tournaments will instead be Round Robins.

  • Competitors are allowed to bring their own controllers, but they must not utilize turbo or macro functions. Controller permission is at the discretion of the TO.

  • Controller settings that permit players to execute movements or attacks outside of the game's original design are forbidden.

    • (Ex. Charging a Sonic Boom while walking towards the opponent in Street Fighter 2 by utilizing two movement options simultaneously.)

  • Generally, macros that the game allows to be set on options' screens will be allowed.

    • Each game will be treated specifically when the issue arises.

  • Ultimately, what is legal and what is not is to be determined by the TO.

  • FT = "First To"

  • These pages refer to game-specific rules, for DBB's Code of Conduct click here.

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