These are events that leading members of DaBargainBin have attended/hosted in the past. There are links provided that allow a better understanding of the written content


Retro Royale - Finale (November 2, 2019)

The November 2019 installment of Retro Royale would mark the end of DBB's events with MSU's Video Game Club. We had over 400 games available to play at the event, and a very large variety of consoles spanning numerous generations. The tournament games were Mario Bros, Sonic The Hedgehog 2, and Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. This Retro Royale also featured an all-day King of the Hill event for Ultimate MK3 on our custom Arcade-1UP machine!

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Sonic 2 Tournament Footage

DBZ B3 Tournament Footage

Sonic Showdown/Sonic Game Night - August 30, 2019

While technically a part of the "Bad Eddy's Summer Gaming" marathon, the "Sonic the Hedgehog Showdown" a.k.a. "Sonic Game Night" was much more grand than the events that had come before it. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 & Sonic Adventure 2 were the featured tournament games, but there were various other Sonic games available for all comers to engage with! Prize support was given a significant upgrade with minty IDW Sonic Collections being offered alongside the normal pot prize!

Sonic Showdown - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Bad Eddy's Summer Gaming (Summer 2019)

Over the Summer of 2019, DBB and Bad Eddy's worked together to bring a series of Retro Gaming Tournament events to the Oxford area. All the tournaments were backed with a considerable amount of social media promotion and competitive perks!


Wave 1

Crash Team Racing & CTR Nitro-Fueled - Facebook - Instagram

Super Smash Bros. 64 & Melee - Facebook

Mortal Kombat 2 & Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition - Facebook

Super Mario Kart & Mario Kart 64 - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

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Wave 2

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

GoldenEye 007 -  FacebookInstagram - Twitter

Pro Wrestling & WWF: Wrestlemania The Arcade Game - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter

Retro Royale - 2019 (April, 2019)

Retro Royale 2019 saw members of DBB staff returning to Starkville, MS and featured an expansion in perks available to the players of our events. Thanks to generous sponsorships from local eateries, we were able to provide some great food and beverages to each of the contestants! Mario Bros (NES), Crash Team Racing (PSX) and Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition (Genesis) were our tournament-featured games.

Tournament Ad

Mario Bros. Tourney Footage

Crash Team Racing - Battle Tourney Footage

Crash Team Racing Tournament @ Bad Eddy's (March 8, 2019)

DBB's first fully-fledged tournament in Oxford, MS was this Crash Team Racing event hosted at Bad Eddy's Hobbies and Collectibles. It was our most promoted event yet, and had our biggest Pot Bonus ever! TruKuu took the gold in a dramatic bout against Buprenorphine Kid! This is arguably DBB's most successful event thus far.

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Tournament Playlist

CTR Tournament Video Trailer

February Fight Nights @ Bad Eddy's (February 2019)

"February Fight Nights" was a series of casual gaming Fridays & Saturday nights centered around fighting games. Friday's games were hosted by DBB and highlighted retro titles in each specific franchise. Saturdays were focused on more modern fighting games and were hosted by various other individuals.

February 1st = Street Fighter 2: Special Champion Edition/Street Fighter 2: Turbo - Video Footage

February 8th = Mortal Kombat Trilogy: PSX - MKTrilogy: N64 & Ultimate MK3: Saturn

February 15th = Tekken 3

February 22nd = Sonic the Fighters & Fighter's Megamix

Video Trailer


Esports Egg Bowl (October 13, 2018)


During Ole Miss Esports' first ever Egg Bowl competition members of DaBargainBin hosted a Crash Team Racing booth to both entertain and educate guests in regards to the competitive value of classic games.

Pressure (June 28, 2018)

Two players by the usernames of FROSTY and LOSER hosted an event in Mentor, Ohio. At the event there were tournaments for Sm4sh, Arms, Sonic The Fighters, and Mario Aces Tennis. TruKuu and RizzyDizz traveled out to compete in Sonic The Fighters, and TruKuu managed to take 1st place. The event wasn't quite as large as expected, but it was still fun regardless.

Footage of Pressure's Sonic the Fighter's Tournament

Retro Royale Plus - MSU VGX (April 14, 2018)

Retro Royale Plus was poised to be our biggest event yet with Mississippi State University, but there were a number of things that wouldn't pan out. The weather was a detrimental factor, and would strike down upon the event as soon as it opened. There was also the issue of competing events being hosted co-currently, and these combined factors accumulated a smaller turnout than expected. That being said, DBB provided a larger amount of games and setups to play them on than ever before. There were over 200 games provided for those that visited and the return of some tournaments as well. Due to a less-than-stellar turnout, some of the events were canceled or moved to a later point in time. This was the first time since the original Retro Royale that this had happened. This time around TruKuu wouldn't be a part of the tournaments, and would instead focus on post-tourney casuals.

Get it in Ohio 2018 (April 7, 2018)

The DBB staff returned to the UMK3 circuit for the 2018 Get it in Ohio event, and TruKuu actually had a pretty decent showing with 2-2 record in the Ultimate MK3 main event. Koozbane a.k.a. Turd Baby also participated in the even, and had some very favorable matchups during the various casual sessions. The events continue to improve every year thanks to Tehdrewsus' persistence and dedication. The community and those that attended were incredibly nice and supportive, but the competition was fierce with every match being a mountain to climb!

Results Thread


Retro Royale Round 2 - MSU Gaming Marathon (December 2, 2017)

 The DBB staff worked with Mississippi State University's Video Game Club again for a full day of Retro-Gaming Fun! This event ditched the tournament format of the previous RR installment in favor of a King of the Hill style, where TruKuu would begin at the top of the Hill and keep playing participants until he was finally defeated in a best 2/3 decision. TruKuu managed to go the entire event without ever leaving the top in any of the hosted games. Sonic The Fighters, Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PSX), and Street Fighter Alpha 3 were the games chosen for the event.

Sonic the Fighters Footage

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Casuals

RETRO ROYALE - MSU Gaming Marathon (March 25, 2017)

The first Retro Royale served as a learning experience for DBB's staff. Originally this event was intended to host eight separate tournaments, but due to lack of interest in some of the events compounded with a tight schedule some games were dropped during the event. The idea behind the tournament structure was that DBB staff would not enter the tournaments, but TruKuu would instead challenge the winner of each tournament so they would have a chance at a bonus prize. This was to encourage more local interest by rising the chances for lower-level players to win the event, and add mystique to the bonus rounds. Unfortunately, Tekken 3 and Ultimate MK3 would have to be removed from the line-up due to the relatively-small interest surrounding them. In an exciting set of events, several Tournament Winners successfully won their Bonus Rounds! While the tournaments were recorded, technical difficulties rendered most of it unusable.

This event was the first use of the name "Retro Royale" for our MSU setups.


MSU Gaming Marathon 2016: While this was technically the second time DBB had a setup at one of Mississippi State's Video Game Club's marathons, this one was the first that was documented with photos or video. Despite there being no tournaments, the DBB staff was able to provide a Retro Game booth featuring numerous consoles and games.

Get it in Ohio 2016: TruKuu and Koozbane (Turd Baby) attended a Ultimate MK3 Tourney in Cincinnati, Ohio hosted by Tehdrewsus. The tournament was available at Arcade Legacy, which is a fantastic arcade featuring buckos of rare and fun games! The collector would be well treated here as well seeing as there was a huge selection of games and merchandise available for purchase. If you're ever near the area we highly recommend a visit! The tournament itself featured elite players and skills in Klassic Mortal Kombat. It was the first in a currently-ongoing set of events that is always looking to expand, and is blessed to be authored by a Tournament Operator that cares about the game deeply.

Entire UMK3 tourney stream
MKT Casuals
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