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"wealth and glory to the winner!"

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The beginning years of DaBargainBin. Originally created to serve as the home for the Syphon Filter 2 league, DBB has undergone numerous transformations to become what it is today. The 2016-2017 "season" contains our first tournament out of Mississippi, and early attempts at hosting public gaming competitions.

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The online era. DaBargainBin went dark due to the COVID-19 pandemic changing the world almost instantly. Various online communities began to thrive, and events for many games became more commonplace as a result. The world changed, and players would have to adapt.


The 2018-2019 set brought a much wider variety of games and players. Still grassroots, still low-budget, but still trying our best to deliver an authentic, competitive experience for those that'd make the trek. TruKuu struck a deal with Oxford's local comic shop and promoted, specialized events soon became commonplace.

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