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u and me!

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​Game Mode:

  • Game Mode: Versus (Lammy vs. Parappa and Lammy vs. Rammy)

  • Fever will be unavailable for use.


Stage Selection​:

  • Players will strike stages until only one remains.

  • The winner of Rock, Paper Scissors is allowed first stage strike of the set if they desire.

  • The loser of each match gets first stage strike for the next round.

  • A stage can only be played twice per set.


  • The winner of the initial Rock, Paper Scissors can opt for first character choice instead if desired.

  • Lammy, Rammy and Parappa are all available for play.

  • The loser of each round is allowed to change characters.


  • Sets will be FT3 wins except for Winner's, Loser's and Grand Finals which will be FT4 wins.


um jammer lammy

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